Skills & Career Development Nexus

What does "Trainers for Hire" do? We facilitate the acquisition of skills and the professional development of organisations and individuals. We do this by:

  • helping organizations and individuals remove the impediments moving from skills acquisition planning to plan implementation and staffing.
  • assisting technical trainers, master engineers, and craftsmen to pass on their knowledge and skills to those wishing to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

We are a nexus for those looking to learn skills or implement skills development plans and deliver training and trainers, instructors, and teachers. We focus on the information technology space. We make the training and education process smoother, quicker, and more effective.

Services for Training Providers

Are you a training organisation or training manager for your company? Are you looking for skilled and qualified technical trainers to staff your training programme?

As the skills crunch grows ever more severe and the need to skill up existing resources becomes more urgent, so does the difficulty in finding qualified trainers to deliver your training plan. Finding skilled, reliable trainers can be arduous, risky, and expensive.

Why use us?:

  • We take the risk out of finding qualified instructors for your courses,
  • We work with you to determine your requirements for instructors  level of expertise, certifications, and qualifications,
  • We provide a list of technical trainers that meet your requirements and budget for consideration,
  • We vet trainers and ensure their qualifications and accreditations are current and valid before engagement,
  • We provide payment escrow services to provide peace-of-mind to instructors and training providers,
  • If you require instructors to provide their own course content we provide a content quality check service,
  • We have a continuous improvement and quality assurance process to gather feedback from providers and students and use that to improve our services and to improve the services provided by training providers. We also provide feedback to organisations as to how they can improve their skills programmes.

Services for Technical Trainers & Instructors

Do you love teaching others what you have learned? Are you looking for work as an instructor? Maybe you are retired and wish to pass on your knowledge to the next generation. Being an instructor is a great way to keep your own skills and knowledge updated. Get compensated for the years you have put in acquiring your skills.

The way we educate and train the next generation is changing as the older education models fail to scale and accommodate the growing demand for skills in a rapidly changing world. Be part of the solution of helping others become effective and efficient members of society. Help others find the path that's right for them to a fulfilling career.

Why use us?:

  • We only work with reputable training providers whom we  have vetted,
  • We provide escrow and dispute resolutions facilities if required,
  • We ensure the clear definition and scoping of the training course,
  • We help you keep up-to-date with your certifications and qualifications,
  • We provide constructive feedback and ratings of your classes and benchmark trainers to ensure remuneration is in line with skills and effectiveness,
  • We benchmark your performance against the pool of instructors and ensure compensation is commensurate with the level of skills involved in the training and your skills as an effective instructor