Mentors and Coaches for hire

Are you are looking to understand, or implement, a new technology? Maybe you are looking at re-engineer your development process to adopt DevOps but are unsure of how to proceed?   Access to an expert advisor when making important decisions or deciding your next course of action will greatly reduce your risk and anxiety about what is the best way forward. Our experts are available to vet your plans and check your thinking for oversights or misunderstandings.

Vet your plans & strategy with an expert

The pace of change in IT is phenomenally high and it can be daunting for a business to keep up with the latest changes and developments. Have your strategic, operational, and tactical plans vetted by our experts.  Our expert advisors provide you with the comfort and safety check you need to plan for these new technologies.

We can help you understand the impact on your organisation and the opportunities and threats these changes bring.


 Mentors & Coaches For Hire

We also offer premium mentor and coaching services. These are more longer-term, one-on-one services that we offer to individuals and businesses. Mentorship is a long-term relationship between mentor and mentee, whilst coaching is a more limited duration relationship where the coach works closely with you, one-on-one, to master a technical skill or practice.

Advance your career with a mentor

Are you a focused, career-driven individual who wants to advance in their IT career? Perhaps you are an organisation that has identified promising individuals with talent whom you wish to groom for future leadership roles in IT or for advanced technical positions. If so our mentoring services may be what you are looking for.

Advance your career rapidly with a mentor

We understand that mentoring is a long-term relationship between mentor and mentee and that many people attribute part of their professional growth to the guidance of a patient mentor.

Our mentors will challenge you to think differently and open your eyes and mind to different perspectives. Benefit from the decades of experience our mentors have to more effectively and efficiently learn the lessons and gain the knowledge of practical experience that they have amassed over years.

A mentor will help you:

  • Take a long-range view of your growth and development,
  • See the destination of your career path and guides you along it,
  • with encouragement and advice, leveraging their experience, when dealing with difficult decisions or situations, to guide you to the most optimal decision

Master a technical specialisation with a coach

Coaching allows you to condense your learning time down to a minimum with one-to-one sessions with an expert. Battling to come to grips with new development in IT? Perhaps you have very limited time to acquire new skills given your busy schedule.

Master a new skill in the shortest time possible

Our experts are available as coaches to assist you in specific areas. Our coaches customise the training to your specific needs and level and ensure that you quickly and effectively come to grips with the area of focus with a hands-on approach.